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A plea bargain might be the best way to resolve your criminal charge.

Criminal Lawyers Know How to Plea Bargain

A lawyer will know if the negotiation process called plea bargaining might work in your case. An experienced criminal lawyer knows how to negotiate with the prosecutor to get you the best result.

Trial or plea bargain?

If you're facing a criminal charge, you have a lot to lose. Don't make important decisions until you have all the information. Deciding whether or not to go to trial is a very important decision. Talk to an expert and get the legal advice you need.

A criminal attorney will review the case against you looking for the strengths, weaknesses and likely outcomes. They'll explain all your options and tell you what's your best choice.

If the case against you is weak, your lawyer may recommend going to trial. If they believe conviction is likely, they may recommend plea bargaining to get you the best result.

Negotiate from a place of strength!

Prosecutors know the law, and they know how to assess your case.

You don't.

When you try to negotiate on your own behalf, you're operating from a position of weakness, and the prosecutor knows it.

A criminal lawyer knows the law. They know which prosecutors to talk to and what to say to convince them to reduce your charges. A prosecutor needs a good reason to entertain a plea bargain to reduce your charges. Your criminal lawyer will provide that reason.

The bottom line.

A plea bargain may be your best option. Speak to a lawyer and find out.

You'll probably have just one shot at a plea bargain, so make sure you do it right. Don't try it on your own. For the best results, have a criminal lawyer negotiate for you.

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