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The criminal justice system is complex and adversarial.  From the moment of arrest, the accused is subject to prosecution by highly trained and experienced Crown prosecutors.  Their goal is to obtain a conviction on the charge you are facing. It would be very unwise to attempt to go against the system without having a competent defense lawyer in your corner.  Defending yourself or pleading guilty to any charge before consulting a lawyer would be a serious mistake that may have lifelong ramifications.

Eric Sutton is a criminal defense attorney who will strive to ensure that your civil rights will be protected throughout this challenging and difficult process.  First and foremost, every person is presumed innocent, and it with this principle in mind that Mr. Sutton seeks to develop a defense strategy.  He takes this challenge very seriously, knows that you are more than just a case file, and that you (and your family as well) may be profoundly affected by the outcome of the proceedings.  He prides himself on being available to his clients and doing the utmost to ensure the best possible result result for their case.  He understands that perseverance, hard work, and knowledge of the law, are essential to attain this goal.

Mr. Sutton graduated from the McGill University earning degrees in both civil and common law. He practices criminal law exclusively.  He has honed his skills over the past 32 years and has associated himself with other respected legal professionals.  He is comfortable inside the courtroom and, if need be, as a negotiator outside.  He will strive to be a powerful ally throughout this daunting process.

Again, the law states you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  With that in mind, you are encouraged to call him to analyze your case and prepare a defense strategy for you.

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