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You Do Not Get A 2nd Chance In Court

Can you represent yourself in court?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you have the option of representing yourself in court rather than hiring a lawyer.  However, as we are all aware, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

Many people facing criminal charges feel hopeless.  They think that they will be convicted whether or not they hire a lawyer, so they are better off saving themselves the cost of a lawyer’s fees.  Never give up hope.  There are a number of ways in which {lawyer}, an experienced criminal lawyer servicing the {city} area can help to improve the outcome of your case.

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Hiring {lawyer} will level the playing field.

Criminal law is a complex mix of legislation, common law and precedents (past decisions made by the court) and procedure (rules and regulations). You deserve the best outcome possible, but you don’t have the expertise necessary to get in on your own.  You need {lawyer} on your side.

Upon meeting with you, {lawyer} will analyze your case and determine if the charges against you can be proved. You are innocent until proven guilty.  If the prosecution does not have the evidence necessary to prove your guilt, the charges against you must be dismissed.  You don’t want to enter a guilty plea to a charge if you are unlikely to be convicted at trial.  {lawyer} will ensure that you are fully informed before you enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

If your case proceeds to trial, your guilt or innocence will be decided by a judge who is an expert in criminal law and courtroom procedure.  A crown prosecutor, also a criminal law expert, will present the evidence against you to the judge.  Do you want to be the only person in the room who is not well versed in criminal law? Hiring {lawyer} will provide you with an expert of your own and keep things on an even playing field.   

What will {lawyer} do for you?

Not convinced that {lawyer} can really do that much to help your case?  The tasks that {lawyer} might carry out on your behalf include:

  • Analyzing the evidence against you for weaknesses and advising you on how to proceed at every step.
  • Determining if your rights have been violated (either by the police during the investigation or your arrest, by the crown prosecutor or by the court).
  • Determining if any defences are available to you.
  • Negotiating a plea bargain.
  • Preparing for and conducting your trial.
  • Arguing for the most favourable sentence possible in the event you are convicted.

All of these tasks require the expertise and skill of a trained professional.  You need {lawyer} to help ensure that you get the best possible result for your case.

Criminal penalties are severe.

The possible penalties imposed upon conviction for a particular crime can vary greatly in severity.  You won’t necessarily know going into your trial what sentence the judge will impose on you if you are found guilty.

By representing yourself, you are risking fines, jail time, and the loss of your reputation, your family and your job if you are convicted.  The potential costs of a conviction are too high.  You need {lawyer} on your side.

Don’t wait.  The sooner you speak to {lawyer}, the better.  Call {tel} to arrange for a free consultation today.