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If you've been charged with any crime in Lethbridge, Tyson Dahlem is the criminal defence lawyer you need to speak to.

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty.  There are charges that come up all the time that the courts will never be able to prove.  People fall under the pressure and intimidation of the police and prosecutors, causing them to plead guilty to charges that may not be provable in court.  Don’t give up your freedoms so easily.  Before making any decisions you need to talk to an experience criminal defense lawyer.

Alberta Lawyer Tyson Dahlem will not take “no” for an answer.  He knows that you need someone to shield you from the weight of the courts and all the people who are working against you.  You need someone in your corner and he is not afraid to stand up for you.  Trust Tyson to give you a realistic assessment of your chances and to advise you on your options.

Growing up in a family of lawyers, Tyson has always been surrounded by the law.  This also gives him access to a wealth of experience and knowledge from Senior Councils, as well as his colleagues at the prestigious law firm Dunn and Associates. He is also one of the few bilingual Alberta lawyers that is able to prepare and deliver a courtroom trial in both French and English.

Tyson has been exclusively defending clients that have been charged with a criminal offence, since 2007 and he has managed to earn the respect of his adversaries because of the way he handles himself in and out of the courtroom.  His motto is to always do his best for his clients and to ensure they get exceptional value for what they pay.

You will not be able to get the result you need without having someone by your side that knows what is really happening and if the case against you is viable.  The courts are handing out mandatory minimums on sentences that lead to some completely horrifying results.  Don’t turn away the help of an experienced professional who is committed to do his very best for you. 

Call Tyson Dahlem today and give yourself a chance to get your life back on track.


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This confidential information will be forwarded for Tyson's immediate review.

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