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If you've been charged with any crime in or around Regina, Chris MacLeod is the criminal defence lawyer you need to speak to.

At the MacLeod Law Office, there is a lawyer with twenty-five years’ experience who is prepared to take your criminal case; a lawyer who will provide you with effective representation in court; a lawyer who knows criminal law like the back of his hand. Chris MacLeod is that lawyer. Chris is a dynamic and intensely focused attorney who has won cases that may at first glance appear hopeless.

Chris has conducted hundreds of criminal cases and knows what it takes to succeed. Call Chris now. It will not cost you anything to discuss your case with Chris. If you decide to hire him he will obtain all the information necessary to  assess the defences available to you, and how best to proceed. And if there is a defence, Chris will find it.  Throughout the process, you will be given the opportunity to make your own decisions. Chris will provide you with his knowledge and expertise so that you can make choices that are best for you. He will keep you informed about what is going on throughout the process so you never feel out of the loop, or that things are going on that you don’t understand.

Chris MacLeod knows how to use the facts of your case to your best advantage in court. He knows when to be aggressive and when to hold back. Two of the most important facets of criminal law are organization, and the ability to communicate with people from a wide array of backgrounds in order to best tell their stories to the court. Chris is experienced in relating and communicating with people. He knows how to present his clients’ version of events so that judges and juries understand their motivations and explanations. A case must also be conducted in a manner that takes into account numerous complex procedural issues which could make or break the outcome. Chris’s courtroom experience enables him to deal effectively with procedural issues as they arise.

Chris MacLeod was born in Saskatchewan, and has spent most of his life there, including his twenty-six years of practice – he is in court every week. It is to your advantage to contact Chris as early as possible once you have been charged. Put your mind at ease by getting a seasoned professional to deal with your case. Don’t do this alone. Call now.

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