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Being charged with a criminal offence in a rural area should not limit your options to an aggressive defence. Mark Wasyliw and his partners are committed to providing defences to ALL Manitobans.

Have you been charged with a criminal offence? Mark Wasyliw and his partners at Bueti, Wasyliw & Associates are helping to reestablish the rights and freedoms of people in Canada. The government holds great power over citizens, especially with regard what is defined as ‘criminal’ behaviour. Mark understands how relevant this is to your life, especially when you have been charged with a criminal offence: he cares about his clients, and is fighting to redefine what is right for Canadians.

Mark runs a client-based practice, where he will advocate on your behalf based on what is right for you. He will help you to navigate the complex and confusing court system, providing you with options, and making your decisions happen.

As an award winning student just out of law school, Mark knew that he wanted to specialize in criminal law. Eleven years later, his expertise is evident: Mark has conducted countless successful cases, and is a fearless opponent in the courtroom. Mark is on the cutting edge of criminal defence. He will not insist that you take a guilty plea. Instead, Mark often uses creative, innovative arguments to win cases where other lawyers would say there was no hope.

Mark comes to you with a wide range of experience. He has knowledge of all areas of criminal law, holding a law degree from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Masters of Criminal Law from York University. He is an astute, well-educated man. Mark runs a full-service boutique criminal firm, serving clients from Manitoba, North Western Ontario, and Saskatchewan, including rural areas. His philosophy is inclusivity, and he tries to help everyone who walks through his door, from CEOs to the poor, at all levels of court.

When you are facing a criminal charge, you need information and options. Arm yourself with both to make the right choice: contact Mark Wasilyw, and get this dynamic law-maker on your side.?

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